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Archive for February, 2007

“Anger hath a privilege“, as Kent said in Shakespeare’s King Lear, but it does not do well to abuse it. I do not regret my demagoguery of the other day, but I do think I need to clarify one thing. I do in fact believe that it is possible for someone of good faith to […]

I got a question for you. Do you believe that the Civil War was all about tariffs that the North was imposing on the South? Do you believe that Lincoln did not really care about slavery? Do you believe that slavery was dying out on its own and that the South would have ended it […]

Why don’t European tradesmen use pickup trucks? As best as I can tell from what I read, European tradesmen use a mixture of small vans and one ton (and up) trucks. The half ton and three quarter ton pickup trucks that are widely used in America are almost unheard of in Europe. Why is this? […]

This is a comment I posted recently on this blog (on this post). I will probably regret it in the morning. In my opinion, if you address any philosophical issue in under 30 pages you are guaranteed to make a fool out of yourself. So read this quick, before I think better of it and […]

Now let me say right off that I don’t really think that the government should do absolutely nothing to protect shareholders. It is one of the proper functions of the government to protect property after all. But it is not proper for the government to mow your lawn, clean your house, or supervise your employees. […]

Vinod Khosla (among many other people) wants the government to spend vast amounts of money to help along the production and adoption of ethanol. In other news, the Mexicans are having trouble buying corn to feed themselves because of existing ethanol production. Cheap shot? Maybe. But I have serious problems with Khosla and those like […]

If someone told you that there was a Moslem group that does military-type exercises near the reservoirs that supply much of New York City’s water you would probably think that it was some right-wing fantasy. But it happens to be true. The group calls themselves the Jamaat ul-Fuqra.

Brad Setser has an excellent overview of the Yen carry trade in his latest post. Nouriel Roubini reminds people of how fast things can go wrong in this post. A lot of people are responding to them by arguing that the fundamentals justify the out flows and there is nothing to worry about. But that […]

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