It does not take long for cities to die…..

In the absences of human support, how long do you think it would take before an urban neighborhood to turn into wilderness rural again? I have always wondered about that question.

But apparently, I need not speculate too much. The process is actually happening in Detroit. This from Detroitblog…..

It’s always fun to go up north here in Michigan, to the country, where people are scattered and open land is plenty. You find little towns where small, old houses sit on grasslands or prairies, seen only by the few cars that drive through on old roads that go unnoticed by most people as they pass the area on the highway. Most homes up there, like this little house nestled in a wilderness of trees and underbrush, are the only houses nearby.

The only thing is, this house and the backwoods that contains it aren’t up north; they’re in the middle of the city of Detroit.

But that brief quote does not do justice to the post. You really need to go over to the Detroit Blog and read the post for yourself. More importantly, you need to see the pictures. (h/t The Grumpy Old Man).

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