It is not healthy to be a vegan.

All of us barbarians here in the ethereal land are down on vegan’s for a variety of reasons. But their fundamental problem is that they are not connected to reality. This from the New York Times….

When Crown Shakur died of starvation, he was 6 weeks old and weighed 3.5 pounds. His vegan parents, who fed him mainly soy milk and apple juice, were convicted in Atlanta recently of murder, involuntary manslaughter and cruelty.

This particular calamity — at least the third such conviction of vegan parents in four years — may be largely due to ignorance. But it should prompt frank discussion about nutrition.

Now I think that it is unfair that Crown’s parents were convicted of murder and cruelty. At best, I can see involuntary manslaughter.

I mean, if they had gone back 6 weeks in time and diced Crown up while he was still in the womb their right to do so would have been protected as a matter of law. How come people are entitled to their own opinions on when life starts but not on the morality of eating meat?

The fundamental fact is that the Vegan diet is not particularly healthy. Even the Vegan Groups admit that you have to take supplements to make it work. But that does not mean that Crown’s parents should have got a life sentence.

3 Responses to “It is not healthy to be a vegan.”

  1. Dill says:

    I dare you to watch this trailer and stand by your post.

    Please have an open mind and heart. For people everywhere, the planet and the animals who suffer and die unnecessarily. Thank you.

  2. Dennis says:

    I watched the trailer.

    I’m fine with the post.

  3. i became a Vegan three years ago and i can say that my health have been very very good. meat and dairy substitutes like soy also works well for the body.

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