Discussion with Edward Hugh and Claus Vistesen over at Demography Matters

Most of my regular readers probably already know this, but for those who missed it— Clause Vistesen posted an edited version of my post Does an aging demographic structure lead to an export-oriented economy over at Demography Matters.

Edward Hugh (A British born Spanish based economist who specializes in economic effects of demographic change) has posted a couple of comments relating to my post. And Claus Vistesen has one up as well (as I write this that is, I expect more from both of them).

Surprisingly, wordy old me only has one real comment up (plus one “be back latter comment” if you want to be legalistic) as of yet. The lack of lengthy comments from yours truly is due to the unfortunate fact that I find myself rather busy at the moment. In fact, I have work that I need to go do right now that I am holding off to write this.

Hopefully I will write more tomorrow. But that is iffy. I have to get up early and take a truck 100+ miles were I am going to load it up with 50 pieces of butcher block furniture and drive the 100+ miles back and unload it at a couple of different locations. I may not have much mental capacity after that.

All that is just to say if I seem a little slow to respond it is not for lack of interest. Hopefully, I will soon be is position were I can write proper responses to Mr. Hugh and Mr. Vistesen.

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