Sorry, I am laughing

I should be posting a response to Guy La Roche. But my response is already over a couple of pages long. When I get to that length, I like to sit on it a bit before I post it. I don’t mind making a fool out of myself on a short post. But I hate to do it on a long one.

So instead, I am going to post a response to one of Bryan Caplan’s posts over at Free Exchange called Men’s Rights – Stop Laughing! It is all about how “Men take a lot of abuse in our society, but rarely complain about it.” As the title of my post indicates, I don’t find Bryan Caplan’s argument at all credible.

The key piece of evidence in his post is his claim that if you took common relationship advice directed towards men, it reveals a double standard. After all, such advice commonly tells men to bend over backwards to please woman. But if such advice were given to a woman it would be considered sexist.

At first glance Mr. Caplan might seem to have a point. I can think of lots of books, articles, and speech’s on how men should treat woman that had a double standard. In such material, the line “If you want to improve your sex life help your wife with the household chores” is common. But you never hear the line, “if you want your husband to help with household chores, improve your sex life.”

But there is a reason for this. Most books and other such material that are devoted to telling men how they should treat women are purchased by woman. Women buy those products because they fantasize that they will change men.

In other words, women buy books that tell men how to treat women and men buy Playboy. If you look at the relationship advice that men actually purchase and actually read, you will see that it is all about manipulating women into giving them what they want (sex) without having to give them anything in return. I don’t think that really supports Mr. Caplan’s point.

But I have a more fundamental problem with Mr. Caplan’s post. He seems to think that men should complain more about the raw deal they get. He thinks that us poor beleaguered men are forced to keep our mouths shut by outdated machismo. I say “if it is outdated machismo, let us have more of it.”

One of the biggest mistakes that feminism made was they started to believe that all the prices that men paid to be “men” were worth it. They started to argue that if men worked 80 hours a week to get ahead, women should, too. Otherwise they would not be taken seriously and they would never get power.

I think Mr. Caplan is making a similar mistake. There are a lot of “feminine” traits that men would do well to emulate. Empathy springs to mind.

But whining about the burdens that society places on you?

I don’t think so.

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