Why I have not been Writing

For those few who check my blog regularly in the hopes that I have posted something new I thought I might explain a little why I have not be posting.

The heroic version is that I have been working lots of overtime. I mean, working over 16 hours without anything to eat but candy bars and orange juice (which is not a solid food, but it can be surprisingly filling) will crimp any writing style.

More truthfully, I doubt I would be using my time any better if I was not working overtime. This time of year, all I want to do is sleep. The only thing that can relive this desire to sleep is physical labor or sleep. Trying to write in front of a computer just does not work.

Hopefully, when the days start getting longer, I will start to write more intelligent stuff then I have been lately. I really want to write another essay on my essay site, but I probably will not have the time to do so for a long time to come.

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