Cursing My Blessing

Yesterday I wrote a post that was misleading. It’s all my sister’s fault. She won’t let me write a post that is longer then 300 words long. I am pretty good at listening to females. I hear most of the words that they say. So my posts have been in the neighborhood of what she demands, word count wise.

But this crimps my style. It is hard to bring truth to the world in 400 words or less. And if you can’t bring truth to world, you have no choice but to lie.

From all the whining that I did yesterday, you would think that I am in the habit of digging holes. I am not.

But I still hate doing stupid things. And the landscape plan that I was digging holes for was stupid.

The gentlemen who were in charge of getting this particular building landscaped realized that they were in over their heads. So they went to local nursery and got a “FREE” pan drawn up based on the budget that they provided.

This “FREE” plan called for the building to be surrounded by homogeneous plant groupings that had no relation to each other. For example, the “FREE” plan called for a row of Burning Bush to be planted along side the building up to a certain point. Then it called for for a row of Day Lilies to pick up where the Burning Bush left off (in a really dry location no less!!!). After the Day Lilies left off, the plan called for Boxwood to be planted. And so on and so on.

There was no attempt to provide contrasting shapes and colors. There was no attempt to use plants to do any kind of anchoring or framing. There was no attempt to do any kind of traditional landscape planing whatsoever. And don’t even get me started on the plant spacing.

The really disgusting part about all this is that the Equipment Cowboy that I mentioned in my last post still works for these guys. He could have come up with a better plan then the “FREE” one. But people who should not be bosses prefer to get a “FREE” plan from an “Expert” rather then ask a somewhat knowledgeable laborer who actually works for them.

As it turned out, all this worked in my favor. Because my expert help was so critically needed to dig holes for this “FREE” plan, I got out of cleaning up the turds that were all over the place as a result of a major sewage blockage. And that was a good thing.

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  1. Rundy says:

    I suspected you had joined in.

    I am considering it, perhaps in my own modified form.

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