I am thankful for silence

Today my favorite obnoxious electrician asked me “How do you put up with this guy?”

The guy in question was my partner in crime. And it was a joke.

But I answered it with the truth.

“It is easy to tolerate him when I get credit for all his work.”

And that was no joke.

Although, if one wanted to be pedantic, one could argue that everyone finds him easy to tolerate. Thus, the fact that I get credit for all his work probably does not have much of a bearing on my ability to tolerate him. And it is only the bosses that credit me with all his work.

Nonetheless, it is still true that a lot of my reputation rests on work that he has done or helped me with. And I am always half ashamed of this and half afraid that the world at large will find this out.

If certain people did not think I was a genius who was good at making problems go away, I would probably be doing nothing more then snaking toilets and changing light bulbs.

And that would bore me to death.

Fortunately, my partner in crime never tells the truth about me.

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