Today I was asked to find the official meaning of the term “swimming period” as it is used in the state health code. I tired to to find it, but was unable.

To me the meaning seems obvious in context. A swimming period is a duration of time in which people are swimming in a pool that is separate in time from other durations of time in which people are swimming. Hence the code requirement to check chlorine and Ph at the beginning, during, and at the end of a swimming period.

But other people do not share my view. And seeing as the health code takes the time to define words like “appropriate” you would think they could have done me a favor and spelled it out in black and white that I am right.

Today it struck me how much of a whiner I am in my blog posts since I started trying to stick to my sister’s ridiculous rules. Part of this is undoubtedly because forcing oneself to write everyday requires one to write when one is not at one’s best. But other people operate under similar constraints and don’t whine nearly as much.

But I think the real cause of the high percentage of blog post that I devote to whining is the fact that whining and asking people about themselves is the only two ways that I can make small talk. I have never been one to talk about the weather much.

So when I am forces me to write under a certain word limit, it is sort of like small talk. So the rules probably increases the chance of me whining to the world at large a lot.

Speaking of whining, I have a sore throat. I have had it since yesterday.

My weekend is going to be ruined.

2 Responses to “Whining”

  1. Rundy says:

    I have the trouble with whining too. I like to think part of the challenge is to figure out how to whine as little as possible.

  2. tt says:

    Yes and yes.

    It’s very hard not to whine, especially since we write our posts at the end of the day when we feel most worn down and worn out.

    But also yes, the point of the rules was to make a challenge. A challenge to see how much really needed to be said to get your point across, a challenge to see how meaningful one could make their writing without taking pages and pages to do so, and in some ways, a challenge to keep life in perspective (since you are unavoidably reflecting on it). I suppose in your case, it’s also a challenge to see if you can get any better (at least diverse) at small talk. 😉

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