Wasting Time

Today I still have the cold.

This makes it challenge to avoid whining. To make matters worse, I can’t use my computer because of various unpleasant things. This makes me grumpy.

But on the plus side, supper was excellent and tomorrow is the weekend. And if I am still sick tomorrow that will just give me an excuse to goof off. And goofing off with an excuse is so much more fun then goofing off without an excuse.

Speaking of goofing off, I bought a new computer game. I can’t remember the last time I bought a game for myself.

I probably should not have done it. I have many more important things to do. But I was sick and tired and Stardock gave me a discount just because I answered a survey.

And the reviews were so positive. Not just in the sense that they were favorable, but in the sense that they used code words designed to appeal to a guy like me. (The game is called Space Rangers 2 if you would like to look it up for yourself. I am too tired to give you a link)

The main reason I got the game is that the reviews said that it was like Pirates, except for being set in space. How about that for a code phrase?

I have not had a chance to really play the game, but I can tell you that there is one difference between the two games. In Pirates you could not die no matter what you did. In Space Ranger 2 I died in the tutorial.

And it was my own fault. So it was all right.

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  1. Rundy says:

    Noob! Incompitent! Whimp!

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