Today my energy level was up, but nothing else seems to have changed for the better. For one thing, I still don’t have my voice back. For another thing, I still have this weird burning sensation in my upper chest. I can’t tell what it is, but I mostly feel it when I swallow. Other wise it is mostly a dull background feeling.

I really wanted to go to work tomorrow because there is something I wanted to get done before I went on vacation next week. But if I go to work and I still can’t talk and I am coughing and hacking just as bad as when I left it is possible that people might stone me.

I have gotten quite a few people mad at me over the years for going in sick. They all have this weird belief that they are less likely to get sick if I refrain from coming to work when I am sick.

So I guess I should probably stay home unless my health improves dramatically overnight. And aside from feeling bad that I did not get done what I said I would get done, the prospect of staying home does seem kind of nice.

Especially since my energy levels are coming up enough that I can properly enjoy babying myself. Today I spent a lot of time drinking tea and playing Space Rangers 2. That is not my ideal way of spending a day, but it is lot more fun then spending it drinking tea and trying to sleep because you are too foggy headed to do anything else.

If I could just get to the point where I felt clear headed enough to do some serious writing I would be all set.

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