Avoiding Failure

Today I start a vacation. This week I need to butcher chickens (done yesterday actually), mow the back field (working on it), fix the chainsaw, use the chainsaw clear up remaining storm damage, clean up my desk, make changes to my Ape Man site, and get over this darn cold.

And I will be happy if none of the above gets done as long as I have an essay up on my essay site by next Sunday.

The essay that I so badly want to put up would be the next installment of A Critique of Christianity. I posted my Prologue back in July and I promised that more was to come. The delay has become embarrassing. It is all the more embarrassing because the Prologue is just me blathering personal information about myself and is only tangentially related to main thrust of what I wanted to argue when I started writing the post. To have such blather just hang there with such a pretentious title just makes the whole thing look all the more ridiculous.

Originally it was not supposed to be this way. I had some of the sections that were supposed to follow the prologue already written. But comments by reviewers who saw the drafts and and my own thoughts lead me to believe that I needed to insert another section between my Prologue and the other sections that I had already written. And it is this new section that has been the hold up.

In theory, it ought to be no big deal. I know what I want to write. All I have to do is write it and then edit it until it is readable.

But in practice it is hard. To get in the zone where I can write something the way I want to write this takes quality time in quantities. And that type of time is in very short supply for me.

Honestly, the above is all just an excuse. If I really wanted the time I could come up with it by hook or crock. The biggest problem is that I am scared stiff I am going to screw the whole essay up.

And if I don’t work on it, I can’t screw it up.

I am a very logical man.

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