The beneficiary of injustice

Yesterday I wrote a rather melodramatic post. Hey, it was late and I was tired.

But I want to point out that I am not only one who feels as if I am sailing through life. Yesterday an old boss of mine was telling my brother how I have not been listing to some of the things that he has been trying to tell me. In a nut shell, he thinks I am not listening when he tells me that I am not ready for a promotion.

Now why would he try to convince me of something like that? He is no longer in my direct chain of command and his opinion would mean nothing in any possible promotion opportunities I might have in this life. Furthermore, there is no promotion opportunities for me that are open currently. And there is none that are likely to come open in the near future. And even if one was to come open in the near future, it is very unlikely to go to me (it would take a couple of well aimed lighting strikes for it to become even a possibility).

So why is he trying to convince me that I am not ready for promotion? He says that he does not want me to get in over my head and at the same time he does not want me to get “bitter” if I am passed over. But I can’t help feeling that he has a different reason.

He has told me many times of how long and hard he struggled to get the job he has now. To him, the position he has now is a vindication of his true worth after the world had overlooked it for so long. And I think that I threaten that vindication in his mind.

I could be wrong. But that is the impression I get from the fact that he tells me that he had to work for almost as long as I have been alive to get the position that I have now. He tells me how grateful I should be that I have it and how I should settle in and mature in it for a while. He has taken great pains to explain to me how little being smart matters when it comes to being a supervisor. And maybe it is just coincidence, but I can’t help noticing that all these lectures started when I pass a hurdle that technically qualified me for his job.

There is no danger that I will take his job from him. I think what bothers him is that I am sailing through life getting everything he worked so hard for handed to me on a golden platter. And he does not think that is fair.

And it is not.

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