Today was the first day in a long time that I got everything done that I wanted to get done. That was not too hard since my goal today was to tie up lose ends that I meant to get done yesterday and the day before.

I have way more stuff to do at work right know then I can possibly get done. In and of itself, that does not bother me. It simply means that a lot of stuff is not going to get done. And I have made it very clear to all the responsible parties what it is that is not going to get done (otherwise known as whining).

What does bother me is that the stuff that I am doing is the stupid stuff that I don’t really want to do. And the stuff that I do want to do is the stuff that is not getting done.

In part this is unavoidable. A guy got fired and somebody needs to pick up the work that he did. And since a lot of what he did was required by various regulatory bodies, it is kind of important. And since it is important, my Boss asked me to make sure that it all got done. He also made it clear that I did not have to do it all myself.

But since he is so overloaded himself, he has not taken a hands on approach in directing people to do this or that. Instead he has left it up to me to find my own help. And since I have no real authority, that means the only person who is really helping me is my partner in crime. And he has a lot of his own work that he needs to be working on.

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