Breaking The New Guy In

Today a man was told by our HR department that they made a mistake when the hired him. They were kind enough to tell him that they would try to figure out a way to save his job. But they made no guarantees.

Seeing as he was only hired two weeks ago this was a bit of a shock to him. Considering he left a previous job when he was offered the one he holds now, he had reason to expect that his employment here would last longer than two weeks. And regardless of what he gave up to come here, no one would be thrilled to find out that bureaucratic mistakes might cost one’s job before one had time to learn the names of one’s co-workers.

One would imagine that they will find a way to save his job. They have lots of practice at fixing these kinds of mistakes. But if they don’t, one has to think that he has reasonable grounds for a law suit. Granted, it was probably made clear to him when he was being interviewed that they could fire him for any and all reasons during his first year. But he could still make the argument that he was falsely lead to believe that our wonderful human resource department had the authority to hire him. And given that he left his previous employment, it would seem that he could make a good case that he suffered personal loss as a result of this false representation.

But all of that aside, this was a good way to break a new guy in. Some people have to work here for a year or two before they get that kind of education.

Of course, that valuable learning experience will be wasted if they don’t figure out how to save his job.

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