No Hope

Yesterday I was called into a back room for a highly secret unofficial conversation. The subject was a friend of mine. The stated goal was to explain to me why he was in danger of getting fired and why that option was not currently being pursued. But I think the unstated reason for the conversation was a desire to keep me from getting angry over the whole deal.

The underlying subtext was “We are trying to be as nice to him as we can be. So don’t get angry with us if we have to do what we have to do.”

In a perverse way, I was vaguely flattered that my opinion matters enough that people should feel compelled to explain themselves to me. On paper, I am nobody. So there is no reason for anyone to tell me these things, much less to try an justify themselves to me. But for some reason, they feel that it is worth some effort to keep me from getting angry. Even if the stuff they are telling me is none of my business.

So I put on my best poker face, made sympathetic sounds, and expressed my distress at the whole affair. And I tried to think of what I should do.

If I thought my friend was innocent, I would be on the warpath already. But I am pretty sure he is not. From what I know of him and from what I have heard from multiple sources, I am pretty sure he has done some dumb things.

So I guess that argues for him sinking or swimming on his own.

The only problem is that I feel that he has been more sinned against than a sinner as the old saying goes. It should make people wonder when a guy gets rave reviews from all over under a couple of different supervisors only for that to change with a particular change in supervision.

Moreover, I don’t think anyone realizes this guy’s true worth. He is more talented in almost every way then myself. But he is not recognized as such because he does not have my social skills.

And I guess those things are arguments for trying to help him out.

Expect for the fact that I don’t have the foggiest idea of how to do that.

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