Dubious Judgments

Yesterday I got one of those reminders of what people with real imaginations can do. I came across a web comic called “Order of Tales” and I thought “how bizarre.”

I don’t want to pass it off as being a great work of art that will stand the test time. I don’t even want to try to pass it off as being particularly good. But I could not help thinking as I was reading it that the dude who drew the comic had a real imagination.

I think part of what makes the effect so striking is the fact that he seems to avoid using the rational part of his mind when he draws the comic. There is no attempt to justify anything or make it seem realistic. Instead he seems to just call forth from the depths of his mind the shapes of what he is trying to express and he uses them with no apology for the fact that they are utterly wacked.

Its not the type of thing that I would have thought that I would go for. But I found the whole thing strangely appealing.

Of course, that could just be because I was tired when I read it.

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