A double standard

Today I read another “poor men” post. This particular post struck me as a bad example for all sorts of reasons. But it got me to thinking about how I react to these types of arguments even when they are better done.

I have a double standard for these types of arguments even when they are well done. I tend to have a strong negative reaction to them when they are written by men for reasons that I explained here. But when woman write them, I am more tolerant. This double standard stems from my personal gut reaction rather then logical reason.

I personally don’t have any use for the idea that the anti-masculine ideals held by America’s intelligentsia are harming America’s men. To my mind, the damage done by the woman who enable men and the men who fail to be proper fathers makes the opinions of the chattering classes moot. So I think that crying about how poorly men are being treated is to detract from the real issues. And when me men are doing the crying it really disgusts me.

But at the same time, one common trait of females that really bothers me is their peculiar brand of hypocrisy. So I can’t help but enjoy it when a woman is willing to take aim at this hypocrisy.

In my opinion, woman tend to have a greater desire then men to appear virtuous. Because of this, they are far more prone to passing off their selfish desires as being some kind virtue then men are. This is particularly true when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

A woman will tend to define virtue in interpersonal relationships as being anything that makes them feel comfortable, loved, and valued. Anything that impedes on such feelings is by definition evil in their book. A man is more prone to saying “I am such a pig” and then giggle and snort like it is such a joke.

I would not claim that the pride men are prone to show in their failings is a good thing. But I find in more bearable then listening to a woman pass off her selfish desires as being the standard for what is right and good.

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