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Truth Or Fiction

Today I was faced with the age old question: Is this guy lying, exaggerating, or telling the truth?

You see, I went to an asbestos awareness training. I have gone through this training a number of times before. Normally my biggest challenge is staying awake.

This time it was different. The presenter was good at his job and he knew how to connect with a blue collar male audience (although I heard the big boss did not approve of his methods). But in addition to the same old information that we have all heard countless times, this trainer went on to tell us some things that I never heard before. And truth be told, I have a hard time believing what he told us.

He started the unorthodox part of his training by bad mouthing Canada for its asbestos policy. He talked about Asbestos, Quebec and the alleged unsafe conditions were going on there. He lead people to believe that laws regarding Asbestos were a lot different then they were here in the states.

Now I know that parts of the above are true and parts of the above are false or misleading and parts of it I have no idea. As you can see from the links above, Canada does export asbestos like it is going out of style. But its domestic laws regarding asbestos are not much different then they are here in the states. It just that they have no problem with exporting the stuff to third world countries. And I have no way of knowing if his stories about Asbestos, Quebec are true or not (he claimed that an associate of his had actually gone there on business).

So while he was talking about things that I can verify he was reasonably honest. Even in the case where he was wrong, it was probably just a case of honest mis-extrapolation by a blue collar type dude. It probably did not cross his mind that they were just hypocrites.

So what should I make of his allegations that he had first hand knowledge that big box retailers sometimes sold imported Sheetrock and other construction products with asbestos in them? What should I make of his story of a general contractor who put more asbestos back into a remodel building then was taken out because he used cheap imported products?

I could not find much supporting information using Google, but he seemed to be an honest guy.

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