A whiny thanksgiving

Today is a day that is supposedly set aside for giving thanks. I suppose that there are worse traditions that one could start.

It certainly seems healthier overall than Christmas. At least Thanksgiving only gets perverted into stuffing one’s face and going hunting or watching football. Overall, it is far healthier for the country as a whole than Christmas is.

But for me, the day is just a reminder that of how hard it is for humans to be satisfied.

As I told my Uncle, I have it all. A good job that has kept me interested this year and one where I rarely hear anything but praise. I have health. All of my family has their health. I have plenty of money.

And yet, I can’t help but think that it is all being wasted on me. I don’t know what I should be doing, but I feel like it should be something more or different from what I am doing know. It just seems like I am just drifting through life wasting everything I have been given. It seems like God ought to come down out of heaven and show me where I should go. After all, he did promise wisdom to those who asked without having a double mind.

But the story of Abram and Ishmael demonstrates what happens when we try to use God’s promise as an excuse to make something happen. So I shall wait for understanding and seek the grace to enjoy what will probably be the best time of my life (in retrospect).

On a different note, all those news junkies out there should read this. I would bet dollars to donuts that it is going to be a big story next week. See here and here for more info.

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