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Archive for November, 2009

They protest too much

Yesterday I got all annoyed over the smallest thing. You see, I was reading all these reviews of a movie called Harry Brown and the reviews were all about how unrealistic the movie was. I am sure that Harry Brown is an unrealistic movie. It belongs to a genera know as “action movies.” People don’t […]

Rumblings of the Big One

Today I hear a rumble. I see everything starting to shift. I think there is an earthquake coming. Words that should scare you… As of July 2009, California’s budget shortfall was 49.3% of its general funds. States have considered drastic options to fill such gaps. “I looked as hard as I could at how states […]

Confession Of A Part Time Snake

Today I did not accomplish much of note. In fact, it could be argued that some of what I did was actually harmful. Remember the friend of mine who was in danger of getting fired? Well, I have been embarked on a campaign to push back against those that I think are unjustly head hunting […]

One small example

Yesterday I said that I would explore some of the faulty logic behind the modern tendency to dismiss the harsh assessment of Domitian by historians such as Pliny the Younger and Tacitus. But when I actually sat down to do it, I found it hard to figure out where to start and where to end. […]

Arrogance exemplified

Yesterday I said that we should always assume that ancient historical sources are correct unless we have evidence that proves that they are wrong. I argued that to do otherwise simply gives free rain to our own bias to construct history in a way that does not challenge our own world view. But in saying […]

Doubting our superiors

Today there is a story in the press about finding Cambyses vanished army. At one point, the article says “The tale of Cambyses’ lost army, however, faded into antiquity. As no trace of the hapless warriors was ever found, scholars began to dismiss the story as a fanciful tale.” Now that actual evidence has been […]

Autonomy of a snap decision

Yesterday I was tasked with figuring out what method to use to install radiant heat for a planed renovation. I also have to come up a with a complete cost for the entire installation and the amount of man hours it is going to take. In addition I have to provide a price for installing […]

Today I was discussing with someone why I will never make a really good tradesman. I said that all the really good tradesmen that I know spend a lot of their free time making or fixing things. It’s the thing that they enjoy doing more than anything else. Their idea of variety is to fix […]

No Replacement To Be Found

Yesterday I helped out hobbit with an attitude. Whenever I get to help her out, it always brightens my day and make me think that maybe I am not totally worthless. This particular hobbit happens to be a short woman who is in charge of her own department. She makes more money then I am […]

Missing the light

Today was a nice day for November. Truth be told, we have had a lot of nice days this fall. I am still a little suppressed by how warm it has been. I was bracing myself for a really cold fall and winter but it does not seemed to have come to pass yet. But […]

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