Rules based on lies

I have watched as a high ranking female supervisor berated a lower ranking female supervisor. The high ranking female supervisor had no choice. The lower ranking female supervisor had tried to break the rules and it was the job of the higher ranking female supervisor had to tell her that she could not do that.

The rules were stupid and both ladies knew that. But they still had to be enforced.

The rules in question actually where not all that bad in and of themselves. All that the rules demanded was that seniority govern how certain task were handed out. In a world where all the staff were more or less equal in ability, such rules would not have mattered.

But the staff were not all equal. Some were male and some were female. And this made a big difference to the lower ranking female supervisor. She kept pleading, “I need at least one man, I can’t give up my only man.”

And other such things that females tend to utter when the are scared. But her supervisor kept telling her, “You can’t use that as a reason. You have to follow the rules.” And other such platitudes such administrators utter when they are enforcing rules that are based on lies.

The lower ranking female supervisor had good reason to be fearful. She was responsible for wards of the state who were all male, deemed to be dangerous (that’s why they were there), and some of them had committed sex crimes. She did not want to try to handle this without a man on her understrengthed staff.

No one would blame her. But the rules are based on the lie that men and woman are equal in all respects. And so her desire to hang onto at least one male was against the rules.

But the problem with rules based on lies is that they are unenforceable. An HR department will hire a female on the grounds that she is equal in all respects to a male. But it will not fire a female on the grounds that she is not equal in all respect to her male co-workers. That is to say, no HR department wants to try to fire a 130 pound female on the grounds that she is not willing to physically grapple with a 200 pound violent male, even if that is her job.

As a consequence, some females are worthless when trouble comes because they know that no one will hold them to account for not doing their jobs. Of course, not all females are willing to take advantage of this fact. In fact, those women who do try to do their jobs (and get beat up pretty regularly, in some cases) are biggest haters of those females that do not try to do their jobs.

But that does not change the fact that men can be expected to do their jobs were as women cannot be. And that is just one more reason why a female supervisor would want to hang on to her men even if meant breaking the rules.

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