The Real Villains

I think that most people really have no idea of how evil people can really be.

Or maybe I am just naive. Maybe people really do know and I just underestimate the people around me.

But I really think that most people have no idea. I just don’t think that people have the kind of originality needed to think up some of the really horrible forms of torture that man has inflicted on man.

I think that people’s general lack of originality is one of the the things that supports the idea that people are basically good. People hear of some truly horrible thing and they think “most people would never think of doing such a thing.” And they would be right.

So what does that prove? Nothing. All it proves is that some people are more talented than others. But that is something we can see in any field.

The real test of people’s goodness (or lack thereof) is what people will do to stop really horrible things from happening. And history has demonstrated time and time again that people will do next to nothing to help their fellow human beings.

Oh, they might help you get your car out of the ditch. But if you are being mutilated in ways that you never dreamed of, chances are, nobody is going to help you. It’s happening to millions of people around the world every year and nobody is helping them.

Just ask the victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army who number in the millions. And they’re just a drop in the bucket.

We demonize the Nazis because it relieves us of guilt. But the real lesson of the Nazis is how little mankind cares when a few of them decide to get innovative.

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