Making myself ugly

Tribalism is a bitter curse. It turns everyone it touches into something really ugly.

This is always easy to see in other people. Every time I go to a liberal blog I can’t but help notice how ugly tribalism makes everybody. It is only natural that liberal tribalism makes themselves ugly to me, for they define themselves by hating me.

I can see it easily on most conservative blogs. I hate the thought of being associated with the views expressed on most of those blogs. Especially the views expressed in the comment sections of those blogs.

But I know that tribalism makes me look ugly all the time as well. Most of the time I don’t notice it when it is happening. But sometimes it comes on so strong and sudden that I can’t help but notice.

The Massachusetts special election is one of those times. I find myself gleefully chuckling to myself over the whole affair.

This would be bad enough in any case. Gleeful chuckling is unbecoming if you don’t want to fall prey to tribalism. But the worst of it is, intellectually I don’t even want to Brown to win.

It’s not that I have any fondness for Obama’s health care plans. Quite the opposite in fact. But I can’t see any good coming of a Republican victory when they do not seem to have learned anything or changed in any way.

But it still makes me chuckle to see Brown put such a scare into them all.

Go figure.

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