No Fun

Today I did a little bit of what I like to do best. Organize a tea party. Or throw a rodeo, if you prefer that term.

A rodeo is much more entertaining. But it is usually the result of a a tea party gone bad, and as such it generally reflects badly on the person who tried to organize it. So when I am organizing things I strive for a tea party, and when I am not I hope for a rodeo.

Unfortunately, my efforts at working out a plan for attack were all for naught.

I was told that insulated pool cover that I was getting (one of my energy saving projects) was going to weigh in at close to 400 pounds. Getting 400 pounds to the in ground pool would be a mildly interesting challenge given the poor access to the pool (at least, poor access if you are moving big heavy objects).

Sadly, they shipped the pool cover as two separate rolls. As such, I could move them to the pool by myself with the appropriate flat moving cart and a truck with a lift gate.

I am not going to do that, though. In the first place, it would give some people I won’t name a stroke if I did that. And in the second place, I arranged for enough men and machines to move a small mountain before I saw that they where two separate rolls. So it is a little late to tell everybody I don’t need them.

Oh, well.

I have been so bored lately, and I was looking for some fun.

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