Why this big blind spot?

What is politically correct speech?

In a nut shell, politically correct speech is speech that puts the feelings of those listening above all other considerations. The “all other considerations” covers most of the things that used to be considered the bedrocks of good speech. For example, clarity is a famous victim of political correctness. There are many other things that we could list as well. But the bottom line is that politically correct speech is so often bad speech because it places feelings above all else.

Now, I don’t need to belabor this point. PC speech is routinely bashed by all sorts of people. But one thing that is not mentioned very often is how this focus on feelings is a natural outgrowth of how people are taught to read.

Granted, you could have a long argument over which is the chicken and which is the egg is this particular case. I would argue that they both spring from a similar root cause and mutually reinforce one another.

But whether that is true or not does not really matter. The important thing is that if you can understand how PC speech is bad, you ought to be able to understand why the modern method of reading is so detrimental to everyone involved.

Yet with all the people who complain about PC speech, you would be hard pressed to find people who are complaining about how kids are taught to read.

Why this big blind spot?

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