A Silly Dream

If we are smart, we keep most of our hopes and dreams to ourselves. Most of what we want is just plain stupid. And if we got it, we would find out that it is not what we wanted anyway.

That’s two good reasons to keep one’s mouth shout. Nobody needs to make themselves look like any more of a fool than they already appear to be without confessing to silly stuff. And if by chance some other fool actually listened to you and made your dreams come true, you would have to hate him for destroying your dream by giving you the reality. Since it is not good to hate, that would be a bad thing.

Having said all that, I do have a silly dream that I would like to confess. It’s a small and not very important one, so hopefully I wouldn’t hate anyone too bad if they go and make it come true.

My silly wish is that somebody would write a well-written and honest memoir about growing up in a fundamentalist Christian household and staying a fundamentalist Christian for rest of their lives. Or it can be a novel. I am not fussy about whether it is fiction or non-fiction. I just want it to be honest and well written.

After all, there are all sorts of novels, essays, and memoirs written by people who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian household but then saw the light and became a rational atheist/agnostic/whatever. Many of these are well written and they should be more widely read then they are (especially by fundamentalist Christians). Still, it would be nice to have the other side of the story told.

Of course, there are various “How I stopped being evil and became good” stories dating all the way back to Augustine’s Confessions. Notwithstanding my cynical characterization of them, some of these are quite good as well. But they are not really about being a fundamentalist Christian. Rather, they are all about their past life and why they made the change.

What I really have in mind is a novel like “To Kill a Mockingbird” or a memoir like one of the many excellent memoirs of growing up black in the south (I have read a number of them but my mind is drawing a blank for a title right at this moment). Something that is honest and not shallow. Something that is about the problems and struggles of those who were both raised and stayed fundamentalist Christians.

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