They Could Come Back

Sixty seven years ago today, the German army surrendered to the Russian army at Stalingrad. That is still within living memory. But it might as well have been thousands of years ago.

Just about everyone pays lip service to that era. Some people even read about it. But who really thinks about that time long ago?

To think about it is to become depressed. It is to become afraid. Those are all unpleasant emotions. So no one really thinks about the German invasion of Russia.

The Germans could have won. Simply not invading Yugoslavia could have won the war for them. Many things could have won the war for them. That is a depressing thought.

What is even worse is who was fighting. You had Stalin on one side and Hitler on the other. The shear scale of what each man did boggles the mind. And it is hardly a great thing that Stalin won this particular conflict. He would go on to do many more horrible things. Any victory that left him in power could hardly be called a good thing. At best, it can be called the least bad outcome.

These are things that everyone knows. That is why nobody thinks about them.

To think about them is to realize that in seventy years the human race has not changed. What has been, could be again. And that is both scary and depressing.

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