A different sort of comparison

Once there was this person who was not related to me and not as smart as me. Surprisingly, this person became my friend.

This is a rare occurrence in anyone’s life. In the first place, most people don’t have many real friends. In the second place, people rarely become friends with other people who are not their intellectual equals.

Those two sad facts would make the story of how this person came to be my friend amazing enough. But those two facts don’t even come close to capturing the obstacles that should have kept us from being friends.

For starters, when we first met I was mad at God and I naturally took it out on everyone around me. In all my life, I don’t think I have ever gone so far out of my way to not be nice and to not make a favorable impression. And to top it all off, I had already met this guy in a different context and I had not been favorably impressed.

But that is all a story for another post. The reason I mention it now is the contrast this fellow makes with my current boss.

You see, my boss is in the same intellectual range that I am in and he would really like to be my friend. But he does not understand me. And since he can’t understand me, he does not really know me. Of course, he likes me in spite of that. But then, a lot of people like me before they get to know me. Knowing me often changes their minds.

Yet another man without his intellectual gifts was able to both know me and like me. So I have been contrasting the two of them in my mind lately and thinking about all the ways they differ.

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