Not Talking

How come nobody told me about this? Maybe they did and I just forgot. But you would think I would remember something this cool.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of room to complain about people not telling me about things. While I have been spending my time on this blog whining and trying to pretend that I am not, other things have been happening. And those things will probably interest people more than my whining.

For one thing, one of my co-workers lost just about everything in a house fire.

It was one of those things that come out of nowhere and blind side you. I had just come back from taking care of a minor problem and I needed to discuss some issues with my boss. But before I could say a word, he spilled out his tale of woe. To wit, my boss had received a call saying my co-worker’s house was on fire. My boss felt that he needed to pass that message along to my co-worker, but my boss did not know where my co-worker was nor was he responding to pages.

So naturally I took off looking for him. I generally know where people are better then my boss does. But I could not find him and it began to worry me. Finally, I found some people who told me that my co-worker had been picked up by his brother and was already on his way to his burning house.

My first thought upon hearing this was to call my boss and let him know so that he would not worry. Come to find out, my co-worker’s brother had already called my boss to let him know that he had picked up my co-worker. Somehow though, it had not occurred to my boss to pass that information on to me.

It’s not like I am a hard guy to get a hold of. I have both a cell phone and pager. And I don’t really like running around looking for a guy who already has the information that I am desperately trying to get to him.

But not withstanding his loss, my co-worker should be all right. He has insurance and he has more friends and relatives then I could keep track of without a spreadsheet. And he seems to be taking everything in stride.

I would love to help him personally, but I doubt I will be given the chance. Too many other people already in line to do their good deed for the year.

The whole week was like this for me. I had all kinds of surprises come from out of the blue. None of them were as bad as the surprise of my co-worker’s fire. But they all seemed to depress me. And for no reason.

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    That map is pretty dang cool.

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