Good things happen to bad people

Among other things that happened to me last week, I found out that a vendor was going to do a lot more work for me than I had thought (I am speaking of a project at work). Normally, this would be a good thing. But it was one more thing that made me depressed last week.

The problem is that in order to take advantage of the extra work the vendor is going to do, I need to get things together on our end. But getting things together on our end means working with other people. And no else except one other guy wants to work on this project.

Now this should not be a problem. People have to do things they don’t want to do all the time. That is why it is work and not play. And really, I don’t think the people I need to help me have that strong of feelings about it. But my boss does not want to get anyone upset. All too often, not getting anyone upset is the governing reason behind what he does. That is why he is the nice guy and I am not. But it is not entirely up to him to make that call.

For various political reasons, I have to work closely with the boss of my boss’s boss on this project. And by that, I mean he has to give his personal approval to how we are going to do certain things when the time comes. He is the type of person who will want to get everything we can out of the vendors. If that means throwing a few more guys on the project for a couple of days, then so be it. He will have no problem telling my boss that either.

And then my boss will turn to me and say “this is not what I had in mind.” He already said that to me half a dozen times last week. I expect that I will be really tired of hearing that before it is all done.

But it should not bother me. The fact that it was getting me down just shows what a baby I have been the last couple of months. I knew it was going to be like this right from day one. I know how to play the game and I know what the rules are. I can’t say I have not been warned. And I have gone through similar problems a number of times without getting too bothered.

But I am just getting sick of it.

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