I Hate Not Having Answers

I was looking over blueprints and getting depressed today. I guess that just goes to show that nothing can make me happy right now.

I should have been happy. I was looking over the prints in preparation for the guys that are going to come up tomorrow and help me do what I want to do. And this is help that I did not expect to get.

I was so worried when I was nailing down the particulars of this project that they would not give me what they were promising me on the phone. So I contrived to get what I wanted out of them in writing to protect myself.

But apparently they are going to do way more then I expected. Even the problems thrown up by the failings on my side of things don’t seem to be deterring them. If this all pans out (and I am still not sure that I believe it) this whole thing will be easier then I expected. They will be doing a huge portion of the work for me.

Still, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed while I was looking at those prints. I kept finding problem after problem.

These problems don’t directly impact the current project. But they will nullify a lot of the gains that would otherwise come about.

Quick example: You have an area that contains a reception area with an office on either side. There are three zones involved in this area. One office is part of block of offices that belong to one zone and the other office is part of a different block of offices that has its own zone. The dividing line between these two blocks is the reception area which has its own zone.

No particular problem with all of that except that the space has been remodeled. Now all of the space is one big conference room and my preliminary survey leads me to believe that the room is still supplied by three different zones. And only one of the t-stats that control the space in located in the conference room. The other two t-stats are located at opposite sides of the building.

This creates problems. And what is worse, I don’t have any good answers.

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