Preparing for the worst

Day flew right by today. I did not do much. But I spent a lot of it worrying about one thing or another. I only have two states, worried and bored. And of the two, I would rather be worried than bored.

No disasters happened today. That is a good thing. But not much really got done today either. Mostly it was just planing and figuring things out. The disasters are going to happen tomorrow. I just hope they are survivable.

Nothing we do should be irreversible. So I guess if it does not work, we should be able to undo what we have done. But I really hope it does not come to that. To many people seem to be hoping that it does not work for me to be happy with that outcome.

But I guess that is the wrong way of looking at it. I should not care one way or another what other people think. Caring about how other people are going to view things this is a weakness of mine that is common to humankind.

One has to admire those few people who seem truly unaffected by what other people think. But then, those other people rarely get anything done that they can’t do all by themselves. Most projects in this life require other people to bring to fruition. And when is in that situation, a little bit of regard for what other people think is necessary.

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