It was cool at first

The flesh of my thumb decided that it did not want to be associated with my thumb nail today. At least, not all along one side of the nail. The other side still seems happy to associated with it very own nail.

I am not sure what I did today to bring this state of affairs about. It does not strike me that I did anything today that would have caused this sad state of affairs to come about.

But now that it has, I am wondering about the best way to bring about a reconciliation. It does not appear that my past practice of prying at it and noting how cool it is that the separation goes all the way down to the base did anything to help matters.

So granting that it is a good idea to stop making it worse (now that it is starting to throb, this is not hard to do), I wonder what I should do to try to make it better.

My gut instinct is to lean towards neglect. That generally seems to work best for most injuries. But I have been told by people who ought to know that if I follow that course of action it is likely to get infected. Instead, I have been told that I ought to slather it up with antibiotics and put a band-aid around it.

Now I have read that antibiotics do more to retard healing then they do to promote it. So normally I am not inclined to this course of action. However, in this case I might try it out. The break between the two former partners just seems to be trying to get infected.

We will see how it goes.

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