Thoughts on Friday’s work

A one eyed guy with more injuries than I could count if I used both hands, once told me “you have got to love it.” The it being whatever you hate most about what you are doing.

I have always remembered that. It was something I had figured out on my own long before I worked with him. But for some reason, I can not longer think about this truth with out thinking of him.

The phrase does not mean anything to most people. I don’t see how it can until you have figured it out for yourself. And sometimes, I think that some people are just lacking in whatever it is that enables someone to understand this concept.

But those that do understand this concept understand that only the things that you love don’t last. Everything else takes forever. So if you want the things you hate to go away, you have to love them.

The one eyed guy was the best roofer I have ever worked alongside. He could do everything roofing related faster than I thought possible. He hated tearing off old roofs, but he tackled the job with an enthusiasm that suggested he liked it.

A lot of people made the same mistake about brother R and myself when we were doing odd jobs. They thought that we loved work or were desperate for money. In truth, we hated the work and money meant little to us. We just wanted to get it all over with as fast as possible.

This false love is a kind of insanity. In essences, it is what being macho is all about. And wrongly applied it can lead to many stupid things being done.

But sometimes insanity is the only proper response to what life throws at you.

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