Not Bored

“So how come you are still bored with all your projects?”

That is what one person wanted to know after yesterday’s post.

So for everyone who is wondering, I am not bored. I am so busy I hardly have time to eat lunch. And this is a good thing. Being busy helps keep my discontent in check.

And I don’t regret getting the projects going. Things would probably be even worse for me if I did not have them going right now.

At the same time, the projects are highlighting things that make me unhappy. I guess that just proves that I am in the mood to be unhappy right about now.

But all this is irrelevant anyway. What I do does not change much whether I am happy or unhappy. And I can’t think of something really stupid that I did just because I was unhappy. In fact, I think a good argument could be made that I am more likely to do stupid things when I am happy.

The main detriment of my current emotional state is that I am finding it awfully hard to write. Right now all I really want when I get done being busy is oblivion. And writing provides the exact opposite of that.

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  1. Rundy says:

    Ah, so now you know the special curse my life has.

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