A Dangerous Situation

I thought a certain person who is prone to dreams when I read this article. The guy is nuts, there is no doubt about that.

Having said that, I hope he makes it even so. It would be kind of cool to know that the human body can break the sound barrier. I am just not sure it is worth risking your life to find out this bit of information. Especially since there is no practical use for that information at the moment.

But no body seems to be paying attention to the information for which we do have practical use for, so maybe my criteria is out dated.

Personally, I am waiting for the next panic to start. A lot of bad news has been accumulating on the sovereign debt front and I am not just talking about the US. The Economist made a pretty good case that Japan was close to running out of rope and there are a lot of other nations that are in a similar boat.

Yet all of this seems to be ignored by the markets and the investors at large. It reminds me of when the run up to when the housing bauble finally caused some serious pain. Back then, the bad news just kept piling up and the markets just kept shrugging it off.

Until suddenly they stopped shrugging it off.

I wonder how long it is going to take them to stop shrugging of the bad news on the sovereign debt front.

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