Staying young by being stupid, becoming old by being a coward.

From an excerpt from one of Sippican’s posts

I am not young any more. I have a bad back. There is a great deal wrong with my feet. I am still a bit feebler than I’d like to be from a bout of Lyme disease. All my neighbors, the nicest people I’ve met in this world, no exaggeration, passed by and told me to be careful up there, fearing that I might fall, never suspecting that if one of the bees buzzing around the chimney took umbrage I’d die right there without ever making it back to the top of the ladder, never mind the bottom.

A upon reading this, I could not help think three things.

1. The nicest people I know would have done the roof for Sippican.

2. One such nice guy was an old guy (in his mid to late fifties) who carried a couple sheets of plywood up a extension ladder before I could help. I told him that when I got to be his age I hoped I was in as good a shape as he was and smart enough not to do what he was doing. He told me that I had to pick one or the other. It strikes me that Sippican subscribes to the same school of thought.

3. I am such a wimp. Just looking at the pictures that Sippican posted brings back bad memories and makes my stomach feel a little sick. Cowardice is something I always have to fight.

Edit: Fixed spelling. Don’t know why I always want to add a another “p”.

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  1. cadie says:

    You spell Sippican as atrociously as you pronounce it. Hehe. 🙂

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