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Feeling Like A Winner

I won today. Or I passed. Or something. At least that is what I feel like. I have no good reason for feeling like this. I have a list of problems a mile long and no sign that the list is going to get shorter. There is plenty of disasters just waiting for me. And […]

Not Bored

“So how come you are still bored with all your projects?” That is what one person wanted to know after yesterday’s post. So for everyone who is wondering, I am not bored. I am so busy I hardly have time to eat lunch. And this is a good thing. Being busy helps keep my discontent […]


Lately I have been having it pounded into me that I am not a very good tradesman. I wish I did not have to be reminded of this so often, but it is unavoidable when my job title calls for me to actually be a tradesman. All things considered, I should be grateful this does […]

A hard lesson

I want to have this thing done by the time I said it would be done. I said it would be done by 3/11. In theory, I have plenty of time. But I want to have plenty of time. I know things always go wrong, so I want all the bugs out by 3/11. I […]

A silly story

Today a co-worker was telling me about a buddy of his who was telling him that we lost a whole hour of daylight because of the earthquake in Chile. We both laughed that a person could be that credulous. At the same time, I wonder what he could have heard that he would have misinterpreted […]

A one eyed guy with more injuries than I could count if I used both hands, once told me “you have got to love it.” The it being whatever you hate most about what you are doing. I have always remembered that. It was something I had figured out on my own long before I […]

It was cool at first

The flesh of my thumb decided that it did not want to be associated with my thumb nail today. At least, not all along one side of the nail. The other side still seems happy to associated with it very own nail. I am not sure what I did today to bring this state of […]

Preparing for the worst

Day flew right by today. I did not do much. But I spent a lot of it worrying about one thing or another. I only have two states, worried and bored. And of the two, I would rather be worried than bored. No disasters happened today. That is a good thing. But not much really […]

I Hate Not Having Answers

I was looking over blueprints and getting depressed today. I guess that just goes to show that nothing can make me happy right now. I should have been happy. I was looking over the prints in preparation for the guys that are going to come up tomorrow and help me do what I want to […]

Normally it is not a good thing to look a gift horse in the mouth. But when you get enough of them handed to you, they start eating you out of house and home. That is the situation I found myself in when I stated playing Medieval Total War II. The people responsible for these […]

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