Juggling Education

In case you haven’t noticed, juggling is featured regularly on this blog—mainly because it is my preferred form of entertainment. My hope is that you will find it entertaining as well. If you do, you may be inspired to learn to juggle yourself, or at the very least learn enough of the terminology to understand what I’m saying when I talk about juggling. When someone tells me they are interested, the first place I normally send them is to the Learn to Juggle section of World Juggling Federation website. It has an excellent outline of juggling terminology, and the best instructional video clip teaching the basic 3 ball pattern that I have seen so far.

The video starts with some brief clips of very high-level technical juggling, which serves to give you some inspiration to help you through the sometimes frustrating task of learning to juggle. Then Jason Garfield takes you through the process of learning to juggle, starting with just one ball, moving on to two, and then three balls. The clip ends with Jason demonstrating some relatively easy three ball tricks you can learn after you master the basic cascade.

While the video is hardly exhaustive when it comes to tips and suggestions, it provides a great starting point. If you get stuck, you can ask for help here in the comments section, or head on over to the WJF Forums and ask for help there.

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