Ivan Pecel

In one of my previous posts, I talked about some of the things I don’t like to see in juggling videos, so today I thought it’s be appropriate to show a video that I do think was entertaining.

You’ll notice that the tricks are for the most part run-of-the-mill, but they are all aesthetically pleasing and fit the mood set by the music. You don’t have any of that pretentious “creativity” that you see so much if in the “look Ma, I’m random” videos. Instead, Ivan demonstrates a more subtle art by the composition of the shots, the choice of the tricks, the music, and in the style and attitude displayed by both jugglers. Rather than begging for recognition, his creativity is appreciated without most people even realizing it exists.

The tricks may not be jaw-dropping, but Ivan did an excellent job conveying an atmosphere that can be readily appreciated. The shots were well planned, and the juggling executed almost flawlessly. He made practicing with another person look enjoyable, rather than just a distraction—which for me is a change in perspective.

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