Vova's Latest Videos

After being thrashed at the WJF UK Open, Vova Galchenko was apparently feeling pretty down about his juggling. He released two practice videos to “boost his self-esteem”. I don’t know how effective they were at making him feel better, but there is some pretty incredible juggling on these videos! It’s hard to pick out highlights when all of the tricks are so far beyond what you commonly see on a juggling video. One trick that really stuck out to me was db97531 with a 360 spin. Not only have I never seen this trick done before by anyone, I didn’t even know Vova practiced db97531!

For the non-jugglers in my audience, db97531 is a 7 ball trick where all the balls are thrown to different heights so that they can be caught in the opposite order they were thrown. It takes tremendous control, and there aren’t very many jugglers who can do it. Vova did it while spinning.

Check them out:

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