Go Rin No Sho

Speed is not part of the true Way of strategy. Speed implies that things seem fast or slow, according to whether or not they are in rhythm. Whatever the Way, the master of strategy does not appear fast.

I was reading A Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. It’s a book about sword fighting and strategy, but I found it interesting to think how his ideas can be applied to juggling.

The posture he describes in his “Water Book” is a great description of a correct juggling stance. He also talks about deliberate use of peripheral vision—“The Gaze in Strategy”, and his description of how to do it and how it works is also useful. His description of how to use a sword is well applied to holding clubs.

My favorite part was in his “Wind Book” when he talks about speed. The beginning paragraph I quoted at the top of this post, but the entire section is a good description of how juggling should feel. Reading this section reminded me of this video: Last Day in Penza.

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