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So Jeremiah went over the things that they are suppose to do in a fire…the basics that you learn in kindergarten but they were never taught it. One of the things was, “Stay and hold the door open while all your kids get out of the class then follow them” one of the teachers said, “Honestly, if there is a fire…I’m going to leave my kids and get out of the school” my mom and I just looked at each other thinking, how can this teacher leave thirty 2nd graders and run out the door. My mom turned the teacher next to her and said, “Would she really do that??” and she said, “Of course, she is much more important than the children, she has a husband and a family”

Live a Life Worthy is written by missionary lady who teaches in northern Iraq (though the above was actually written by one of her friends). I quote the above section because I think it provides an interesting insight into the Iraqi culture.

In America everyone would have proclaimed that would have done their up most to take care of the kids first. When push comes to shove, that might not always be the case, but we all feel obliged to pretend. In Iraq, that pretense is apparently not necessary.

I don’t know that this should really be taken as an example of the relative moral quality of Kurds vs Americans though. I just bet that there are different things that Kurds feel obliged to live up to. For example, if you posed a scenario were you had state how much hospitality to give a wandering stranger, I think you would find that the Kurds would profess to more “moral” where as the Americans would come off as more selfish.

That is just a guess though. I have only ever met one Kurd in my life and he got busted for drug dealing.

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  1. Life is full of mysteries isn’t?

    The question is do you really want your question answered? Mystery is such fun and the answers to those mysteries are often so boring. Sometimes the answers can even be harmful.

    For example when I first started an essay blog (a different site then this one if that was not obvious) I made it a point not to get site meter not because I did not want to know, but because I knew that desire to know would probably be harmful. And strangely enough, after I got the site meter my posting frequency on my essay site dropped right down to nothing.

    I suppose you could argue that the site meter is not really to blame for my writers block. One never really knows oneself. But I have to think that knowing that an essay might be read by hundreds or thousands of people does have a slightly paralyzing effect. Especially on a perfectionist like me.

    But if you are determined to risk the boredom or worse I suppose that I can confess that I found you off of a comment you made on buildabelly. One of the editors here at the Ethereal Voice comments frequently on Snapshots (although she is too bashful to use her blogger name when she does so). Other people I know also comment on Snapshots. So I like to keep tabs on what is going on over there and when I saw your comment on buildabelly I wondered who you were.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

    Now don’t you wish that you had stayed with the mystery?

  2. No… because your answer makes me laugh whereas the simple mystery was actually forgotten rather quickly. Glad to see your sense of humor! Blessings!

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