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What's your season?

August 9th, 2007 by tatterdemalion

D’ja ever look into the “season” personal color theory? Odds are, if you’re reading my blog, you have. But, for those that haven’t, the brief summary is that people fall into four different categories, depending on their skin tone, eye color and hair color. For some peculiar reason which, despite all their best attempts, never makes any sense, they chose seasons to represent the four groups–Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Depending on your season, different colors are supposed to look best on you. This system is meant to help you know which colors are “best” on you.

I think this system was designed for insecure people.

I mean, first of all, you have to try to figure out what characteristics you have. If anyone has too much time your hands, can you please tell me how to differentiate between brown hair, dark brown hair, medium brown hair, light brown hair, sable brown hair, chestnut brown hair, mousy brown hair, brown hair with golden undertones, and brown hair with reddish undertones? And what do you do if your hair is one color up by your face, and another color by the time it gets all the way down to my lower back?

Then, when you think you’ve finally got all of your attributes categorized, you realize that none of the seasons allows for anyone of your composure!

If you are still an insecure type person, I suppose you have no choice except to go to a certified color technician to get you all figured out. If you’re like me, you snarl a few things under your breath about what an incompetent system this is, and skip right to the color palettes to see which one is “right” for you, and then reverse engineer which “season” you are. (And why the heck do I want to know what season I am? No particular reason. Just me being me.)

I have randomly selected a personal color site to quote from, but they’re all basically the same. I searched for “winter personal color palette”, and you’ll find a bunch that way. Some try to help you figure yourself out by comparing yourself to popular celebrities, others start by trying to get you to determine if you are “warm” or “cool”.

If you have “cool” skin tones, you’re supposed to look better in silver accessories (glasses, jewelry, etc) and pure white. “Cool” people are supposed to have pink undertones to their skin, not tan easily, and prefer blue-based reds (leaning every so slightly toward purple).

If you have “warm” skin tones, you’re supposed to look better in gold accessories and cream or off white. You’re supposed to have yellow undertones to your skin, tan easily, and prefer yellow-based reds (leaning slightly toward orange).


I know I’m not a Summer. A Summer is supposed to like cool, soft, muted, dusty colors. They’re supposed to wear silver. They’re supposed to avoid black, stark white, orange, and all yellow based colors. I understand avoiding all yellow based colors, but I detest wearing anything muted, soft or dusty. It needs to be a strong, deep color.

At first glance, Autumn colors look like they might be interesting, because they have some nice earthy tones, like deep brown or dark green. They wear gold. But I know I’m not Autumn, because they like yellow based colors, and I won’t get near them with a ten foot pole. Or at least wear them.

Spring colors sometimes catch my eye for their clearness (the opposite of dusty), but they also tend to be yellow based. Their worst crime, though, is simply being too bright. Strong, yes, but not deep, and I wear deep colors.

This leaves Winter. I generally like the most colors out of Winter palettes; they have my favorite dark green, and the dark, blue-based reds. I start having “issues” with the second half of their palette, though, because they include pale, “icy” colors, and I don’t like pale colors on me. It’s just a no go. However, Winters main problem is that they insist that Winter looks good in silver, and that is most emphatically not true for me!

I know what I wear. I wear dark, strong, clear, blue-based colors. I like blues that lean a little toward blue (forest green) and not any greens with yellow in them (lime, chartreuse, olive). I like red-based blues (royal blue, etc.) but not yellow based blues (blues that are starting to look green, like “marine blue”). Any blue-based red or pink is good, as long as it is not bright, not pastel, and not dusty. Deep dark purple is okay, and I think brown is okay as long as I follow the rules of dark, not dusty and not yellow based. Dark charcoal gray is good, and I even like black, even though my Mom thinks it’s an ugly color. Yellow, coral/peach, and orange all look hideous on me.

On that description, I think I would be a Winter. But Winters are supposed to like pure white and silver. I don’t think either cream or white looks particularly good on me (I want dark color!), but I tend to lean toward cream. It’s supposed to be a neutral, right? Well, whatever other skin terms you want to throw at me, my skin is not a pure, brilliant white. It’s just not. So a pale cream or some other slightly off white tends to fade away better.

And I do not wear silver. I have to wear glasses, and I can tell you for sure that any silvery type metal makes my face look flat and dead, and as soon as I put a gold-ish color frame on it makes my face come all alive again. I’ve always worn “gold” watches, never silver. Silver will look dead, and make everything around it look dead. Gold will look alive, and make everything dance with life.

I deduce that winters main theory is that you have either dark hair and a light skin tone, or dark skin and a light hair tone. I definitely have a dark hair and a light skin tone. I don’t tan easily, I think my skin has pink under tones, and I’m definitely drawn to blue-based colors (blue being the complement to my pink under tones). But, I do not wear silver!

I think I have figured out the crucial flaw. Winters are not supposed to have freckles. Those things are only supposed to be on Springs and Autumns, those warm people who are supposed to wear gold metal and yellow.

And I have freckles.

Dark ones too, usually, not the really pale ones you see on red-heads. I have them on my arms, and on my cheeks. And on my legs. And I even see one on my second toe on my right foot, and another one an inch and a half away from it.

And freckles do not get along with silver.

So what season am I? A warm Winter? A global-warming Winter? Stick season (after all the leaves have fallen but the snow hasn’t yet)? A mid-winter thaw? Mud season?

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  1. Laura Says:

    Early spring runoff? Who the heck knows w/ this season thing. I’ve never found it that helpful, since colors in the stores go along w/ trends, and you can’t find what’s supposed to look good on you half the time anyway.

    I’m definitely another must-have-clear-colors person, and I tend to prefer darker shades, or at least more intense ones. Can’t wear yellow or orange as they make me look embalmed, and most reds are bad too, as they emphasize my pink complexion. A clear olive is OK, but most autumnal tones are bad. I don’t much like dark blues and navy, and I always wear silver, though I don’t know if that’s b/c it’s flattering or just b/c I like it. Oh, and I have an irrational dislike of tan.

  2. What?s your season? » The Ethereal Voice Says:

    […] _uacct = “UA-1202685-1″; urchinTracker(); Map of the Ethereal Land The Ethereal Voice Front Page – Politics – Money – Knowledge – Art – Food – Fun Masthead About What?s your season? By Tatterdemalion | August 9, 2007 – 2:34 pm Posted in Category: Art D’ja ever look into the “season” personal color theory? Odds are, if you’re reading my blog, you have. But, for those that haven’t, the brief summary is that people fall into four different categories, depending on their skin tone, eye color and hair color. For some peculiar reason which, despite all their best attempts, never Click Here to continue reading. […]

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