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Pictures of Piggly-Wiggly

September 8th, 2007 by tatterdemalion

People are all the same.

For piggy number one, girl number one insists upon calling it “Piggy”, and mother number one tries to convince her to give it an actual name (in this case, “Rose”).

For piggy number two, girl number two insists upon calling it “Piggy”. Her mother is currently trying to convince her to give it an actual name, in this case, “Piggly-Wiggly”.

So both piggies have the same name right now.

And Abby sent me photos!

Here’s the piggy:


Here’s the clothes:


And here’s the girl:



hiding a smile

Piggly-Wiggly has embroidered eyes. . .


. . .and snout (which has been set in crookedly, but don’t notice that).


Millie studiously dresses the piggy. . .


in clothes that have been lined and pinked. . .


hemmed. . .


pleated. . .


trimmed with aging lace. . .

old lace
and close with velcro.


Also, I just really like the bow detail on the apron.


I’m particularly pleased, because it was a mistake. I cut my length of ribbon in half and attatched it to either side of the apron. It looked terrible. I realized I should have kept the ribbon as one length, and just sewn it to the top of the apron. I didn’t have any more ribbon, and it would look a million times worse if I tried to sew the ribbon together. So I knoted the ends of the ribbon to keep it from fraying, tied the to pieced together, and sewed it along the top of the ribbon. And now it looks really, really nice!

Also, if you are a really long time reader, you may remember my post from last year around this time, on my old blog. I had made this same girl a fancy dress, that fit her so perfectly (much to my shock) I was sure it wouldn’t be fitting her in another year. Well, guess what?

It still fits!


more dress

more dress

Abby apologized that she hadn’t gotten to ironing it, but I was pleased as punch just to watch Millie wearing it hard:

biking in a dress

on the monkey bars

hangin' out

The party was outside, and Millie and several of her guests chose to eat inside the play fort.

dining in the fort

When it was ice cream time, Abby went up to serve them! You can barely see it, but she’s got a tray full of ice cream in the other hand.

Cool Mom

Abby’s a cool mom.

And those are the long awaited photos!

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