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Tuorials are Fun!

September 3rd, 2009 by tatterdemalion

Occaisionally I still get comments on my pattern drafting tutorials. I hope people are taking me seriously about asking if they have questions, because I have fun making those tutorials.

This is basically just a note to say “This Blog Is Not Dead and Gone Forever.”  Yes, it is technically in sleeper mode, but there is still a live person behind the wheel. When brilliant inspiration strikes me, I will be back. Or if you ask me a question.

Anyone out there having problems with pattern drafting?

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5 Responses

  1. keila Says:

    hi, I love your blog! do you have a pattern for a drapped skirt? thanks 🙂

  2. Oh Says:

    Just found your site. It is lovely. Your review of EUROPEAN CUT was to good that I just bought the book.
    I hope you find time to post more often.

  3. Jenn Says:

    Hi there,

    Could you make a tutorial for a problem like this? I’d be so grateful. I’m teaching myself pattern drafting, and I’m at a standstill until I can figure this out:

    What does it mean when instructions say to fold out the darts?

    I’m making an A-line skirt with a yoke. I followed the instructions to start with my straight skirt pattern, draw the yoke line and extend the side seams. The darts extend beyond the yoke though.

    The instructions say that when you are making a yolk skirt, you need to fold out the darts first.
    My first interpretation of this phrase was that I am supposed to fold the darts on the pattern, so that when I cut the fabric the darts are already taken into account, and I don’t actually need to sew the darts on the fabric.

    But, I tried folding the darts, and taping it flat, but the pattern puckers when I do this at the bottom of the dart. Because of this pucker, I’m not sure I would get an accurate cut.

    The actual quote from the book is: “Fold out the darts after cutting the pattern apart. When you sew the yoke and skirt back together you will have no waist darts showing– they are folded out into the yoke line.”

    Can you make sense of this for me? I can figure out how to fold out the darts on the yoke part, but the “leftover dart” below the yoke has me baffled!

    Forever appreciative if you can help,

  4. tatterdemalion Says:

    Jenn, that is a fantastic question that I would love to do a tutorial on! I might be able to get started on it this weekend, but it will probably take me a few weeks to get it done and up because you happened to time your question with my impending, long anticipated beach vacation!! But if you can be patient a few weeks, I will totally find the time to make you a tutorial on drafting yokes.

  5. Jenn Says:

    That would be awesome! Thanks, and enjoy your vacation!

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