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Archive for February, 2007

In 1856, the Xhosa had a serious problem. They had been defeated in many wars and had lost a lot of their ancestral lands. They faced the complete extinction of their culture and way of life at the hands of European colonists. So how did they deal with this serious and seemingly insurmountable problem? They […]

The Chieftain of Seir’s essay “On the Fear of Matches” is instrumental to my understanding of US policy in the Middle East. Since a lot of people find the Chief’s essays hard going, I thought I would spell out the basic points here. (A) US sales of high tech weapons to Israel almost perfectly correlate […]

Remember when I wrote up a post on our local Muslim militia? Well, read this from the Organized Crime in California Annual Report to the California Legislature 2005….. Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JUF) is an international terrorist organization based in Pakistan. According to the U.S. Department of State’s (DOS) 1998 Patterns in Global Terrorism, “Jamaat ul-Fuqra was […]

Read in today’s Wall Street Journal on P. A14 under Energy Use Puts Oil Squeeze on Iran… Already, the Middle East and North Africa’s population of some 300 million consumers consumes almost as much oil as 1.2 billion Chinese. Now I know enough not believe something just because I read it in a newspaper. But […]

I seem to be on a “pick on the Grumpy Old Man” kick. So I think that I should stress that I read the Grumpy Old Man on occasion because I think he is unusually fair-minded for a political blogger. But a recent statement that the Grumpy Old Man made left me wondering what in […]

As people who read the newspaper already know, the Chieftain of Seir has a new essay up called Considering the Invasion of the South. Personally, I think that it is one the worst essays that the Chief has written in a long time. But I cannot be too critical because I am largely responsible for […]

I am not much of a movie watcher. But for some perverse reason I want to see The 9th Company. I say perverse, because I am not sure that I could watch the movie all the way through. Besides, it is a foreign langue film and I don’t really go for sub titles. But the […]

I always find the current fuss over Iran and North Korea rather amusing. To a person of my limited education, it seems that if you could magically make Iran and North Korea go away you would only marginally increase the safety of the world. And no, I am not a liberal. I don’t think that […]

If I could wave a magic wand and make any blogger write more it would be Andrew. Most bloggers are very replaceable. Good economists are a dime a dozen and there are too many pundits. General interest blogs are generally boring (including mine) and single subject blogs are often not much better. But good poets […]

Derek on Gene Patents

Derek Lowe has an interesting post up on the patenting of genes. Well worth taking a look at for a more technical description of the problems with the practice. Best part…. How about polymers that aren’t man-made, like cotton or silk? We have no good way (at present) to produce or isolate individual single isomers […]

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