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Archive for March, 2007

A lot of things have gone horribly wrong in Iraq. In many ways it can be justifiably considered a disaster. But if you compare it to similar invasions and occupations of other countries, the US military has been doing a pretty good job. For comparison’s sake, look at how Russia as been doing in Chechnya. […]

If Stuart Staniford is wrong, he is making one of the most rigorous wrong arguments I have ever seen. He now has a third essay up making the case that Saudi Arabia is facing involuntary cuts in production. You would think that his last two essays would have covered all there is to cover with […]

Maybe it’s just me being too tired from working to much over time, but it seems to me that Tyler is letting his emotions cloud his judgment. I just can’t think of any other reason why he would approvingly quote this on his blog….. But remember, the tech bust devoured about $9 trillion in corporate […]

There is a certain amount of irony in the fact that the land that produced Richard Dawkins has such a touching faith that the government will take care of you. But of course, the good people of Great Britain are not content to have faith in their government. No, they feel it necessary to impose […]

I have been working too much overtime to keep up with my favorite blogs. But I did manage to catch the post by Tyler Cowen on Bryan Caplan’s summarization of his next book. The post kept my mind occupied during a long night of plowing snow. Two lines from the post in particular stuck in […]

Felix Salmon is one of those people who do not think that the busting of real estate bubble is going to amount to anything. In this post he rips into a New York Times article that suggests that a crisis looms in the market for mortgages. Most of Felix’s gripe against the New York Time’s […]

In the comments to a post in Calculated Risk, I found a link to this chart at OC Register. It purports to show the subprime’s regional share of home-buying mortgages. I say purports because it is drawn from a database that only holds 50 percent of all subprime loans and 80 percent of traditional mortgages […]

In an earlier post I already mentioned an article by Stuart Staniford that made me think this might be the case. Since then the debate has moved forward. A man by the name of Euan Mearns responded with a well written article of his own that was critical of Staniford’s methodology. While I appreciated the […]

For a depressing read look at this article in the New Yorker on whether the US can be made safe from nuclear terrorism. The answer is no. That answer will surprise no one of course, but I was surprised to learn that a load of bananas were easier to detect with radiation detectors then Uranium. […]

This is from Bloomberg….. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Merrill Lynch & Co. and Morgan Stanley, which earned a record $24.5 billion in 2006, suddenly have become so speculative that their own traders are valuing the three biggest securities firms as barely more creditworthy than junk bonds. I don’t know why people aren’t making a bigger […]

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