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Archive for June, 2007

There is a blog here in the Ethereal Land called Chickenman that I have not advertised much because I wanted to see if his blog would last. Now that the blog has something like a track record, I thought that I would give it little more exposure. I think I can safely say that if […]

In a post I that I wrote last week I said (speaking of Edward Hugh’s post on a recent article in The Economist called Suddenly, the old world looks younger)….. But while I agree with most of what Mr. Hugh says, his post fails to relieve me of the need to write my own post. […]

My apologies to Claus Vistesen over at Alpha.Sources. I think I lead him to believe that I was going to write a post focusing on a recent article on demographics in last week’s Economist. And that was what I sat down to write. But when I started writing a long standing grudge against The Economist […]

Songs of Community

I know, I know, I owe a post on one of the three subjects that I said I wanted to blog about. And I will have a post on The Economist article on demographics up today or tomorrow (per Mr. Vistesen’s request I decided to do that one first). But Andrew Cusack linked to three […]

For some reason, I seem to be rather low on time over the last couple of weeks. But there are some blog posts/articles floating around out there that I really want to write up a couple of posts on. But those posts are not going to happen tonight due to an extended power outage and […]

I left this comment over at the Belmont Club. Wretchard, I share Teague’s concerns though I am not sure why he chose this particular post to raise those concerns. Nonetheless, the substance of Teague’s comment is an issue that I would like to see you address in greater detail, because your answer to Teague seems […]

Most of my regular readers probably already know this, but for those who missed it— Clause Vistesen posted an edited version of my post Does an aging demographic structure lead to an export-oriented economy over at Demography Matters. Edward Hugh (A British born Spanish based economist who specializes in economic effects of demographic change) has […]

One of those weird issues that I devote my thinking time to is the intersection between values and architecture. So I was very excited when I came across a blog called Architecture and Morality (Thank you Marginal Revolution). Unfortunately, the blog does not live up to its name as much as I would like. Most […]

Okay, so technically this is a typhoon not a hurricane. But I could not resist the irony. People who watch the oil markets have been worrying because they say that one strong Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico could send gas prices sky high in the US. Now there is a Category 5 typhoon heading […]

What would happen if I throw the polite hillbilly side of me to the dogs and let my ignorant redneck side run this show? Judging by what happens every time I write a rant; the number of interesting comments on this web site would triple. My latest rant to attract attention was called “How George […]